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  • Beverly Stiner

White Does Not Have to be Boring

The color white is often regarded as the safest color in design, and some may say it's not only safe but it's boring.

In closet design, white is a chameleon finish that we use to create a desired ambience of our client's space. When white cabinetry is used on white walls the effect is clean and minimal. The clothes and shoes stand out against this light background and become the star of the show. Clients with bright pink, orange, blue and green clothing have some of the most stunning closets I've seen. Because the clothing is so bright, the white backdrop is the perfect choice to showcase this fun wardrobe.

White can also be used to create a high end and dramatic feel to a closet. With the addition of gold and acrylic hardware, sparkling chandeliers, mirrors and plush carpeting, clients with a more glamorous style will fall in love. This style of closet looks very high end with glass doors on deeper cabinets and integrated LED lighting to showcase beautiful shoes, expensive handbags and designer clothing.

If you have a flair for the dramatic, maybe black and white is your dream closet. This selection is a very high end and sophisticated look that many successful couples desire. Usually paired with sleek shiny silver hardware, acrylic,

mirrors and marble, both men and women like the refinement of such a specific color pallet. Shiny chrome is a favorite finish for rods, pulls and knobs, as is modern flat front door and drawer fronts. Building the closet from ceiling to floor creates a very dramatic and finished look. Tailored dresses and blouses for her, slacks and blazers for him. Adding special storage accessories for ties and belts helps keep everything in place.

White can also feel refreshingly warm and comforting when combined with soothing paint colors and wallpaper. Creating your own oasis to dress, put on make-up and fixing your hair becomes a ritual in such a comfortable space.

Combining paint and wallpaper can be done in so many different variations. Do you apply the wallpaper to the ceiling? Just behind the hutch? Do you pick a feature wall? There is no wrong answer. It all looks stunning. And by adding other design features such as an upholstered ottoman to lounge on, or a pretty chair at your vanity, this is a room you won't want to leave.

My personal and professional opinion is that you can't go wrong with a classic white closet. It's the most versatile of all finish options. As styles come and go, with the simple change of paint, carpet, hardware and lighting, you can create a completely different space. White is not only not boring, it's the most exciting of all color options to choose from.

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